The Hemp Connoisseur – 100 People You Should Know – MICHAEL MINARDI, ESQ

Florida Quarterly Cannabis Caucus – Tampa, FL – 04/17/18
April 16, 2018
VICE – The Florida Lawyer Who Convinced a Jury His Client Needs Weed to Function
April 19, 2018



Michael C. Minardi is the Senior Partner at Minardi Law, where for over 15 years, he has dedicated his practice to fighting for clients charged with cannabis crimes and the cannabis industry. Minardi is now focusing on assisting businesses in navigating the application process as well as licensing and compliance. Minardi’s firm also works with legislative bodies in creating sensible policies surrounding cannabis. Minardi continues to be at the forefront of changing antiquated perceptions, educating on the safety of cannabis, and bringing light to the harm caused by current laws in Florida. He is also the campaign manager of Regulate Florida, in addition to serving as vice president of the Patients and Producers Alliance and cofounder and executive director of the Cannabis Executive Council. Minardi is part of the NORML legal committee, and is a board member of The Silver Tour, Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana, and The Florida Cannabis Action Network. He is also a board member and legal director of Norml of Florida.